About Us

Who we are

We are an animal loving family, and those who know us joke that our home is ‘like a farm’ due to our love of animals and ever expanding family.

We are husband and wife and have two beautiful children who too share the love of animals enjoying our Hungarian Vizslas Bonnie and Mabel, our cat Molly and not forgetting our two rabbits and chickens.

Paw Marks has been established through the love of our own animals and also from the loss of our beloved first dog Hugo.


With having twelve years of experience of owning dogs we feel that we can relate to people who have to leave their dogs behind at home whilst they go out to work and have tailored our services to meet every families needs.


Peace of mind

Feel assured that we only use positive reinforcement training techniques whilst your dog is in our care using treats, toys, praise and play as rewards. We will ensure that love, affection and attention is plentiful throughout your dog’s time with us.

Our van has been purchased from the Ministry of defence and is specially modified to securely and safely carry animals to their high standards. It includes fully insulated robust compartments with heavy duty doors, emergency escape hatches and ventilation with intake and extraction fans so you can rest assure that your dog is safe when travelling with us. Our van is fully insured for carrying animals as a pet sitting/ dog walking service supplier.



We hold insurance as a pet sitting and dog walking service through pet plan sanctuary.

We are registered with Kingsway veterinary practice in Skipton for any emergency situation that may occur whilst your animal is within our care. If any accident/injury or illness should occur whilst your animal is in our care we would endeavour to ensure they would be taken to our registered veterinary practice unless you specifically request the attention and transportation to your own preferred veterinary practice.